digital art

Dancing Flowers

I’m always amazed with how well my iPhoneX captures images. In spite of low-light at the Dahlia display at Longwood Gardens, the images captured with my iPhone are well exposed and has nice focus throughout the flowers. With the second zoom lens option, the images are decent quality so long as they aren’t printed on too large of a print.

One flower in particular kept throwing off the white-balance so I chose to use the Camera +2 photo capture app which allows you to select custom white balance as well as other exposure custom settings. It also can capture the image in a RAW format which is wonderful.

Wanting to create some Dancing Flowers, I then took these images first into Snapseed for the basic exposure, shadows/highlights, etc. adjustments before moving to the Tiny Planets App and played with the sliders until I found an effect that I liked.

But I wasn’t done yet with my creative edit of these dancing flowers. My final app used is the Stackables App and worked on adding some texture effects to the images.

These are created by trial and error. Some work, some not so much. Once you get the hang of it though, it doesn’t take long at all to create a work of art.

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