Creating Yourself Part 2

For a photographer, finding your inner artist can sometimes be like searching for the Holy Grail. There are some that are natural artists and have the ability to see a composition that 10 people before them would completely miss.

As we travel through the journey of learning the craft of digital photography the first hurdle we come across is learning the technical aspects of the camera. But of course, that is just the beginning as to achieve the best quality image capturing in RAW format then requires that the images are processed in the digital darkroom. New hurdle in learning the overwhelming complexity of software such as Lightroom, Photoshop and many others that can enhance your image.

The third triangle in creating art with your camera is the composition designed by your eye through your viewfinder when capturing the image. And this is where the possibilities are endless.

Before being able to reach the creative freedom one needs to find their inner artist, one has to first master the technical aspects of the camera, and then become proficient in the image editing software. It is when you know what your camera can do, what lens choice and camera settings you will need to achieve the result you’re looking for that you’ll be able to begin “Creating Images” versus “Just Taking Pictures.”

I had a wonderful comment from wonderful fellow blogger Michael Powell who is also a photographer in my area. Hopefully he won’t mind too much that I will quote him as it is so insightful and puts into words exactly the thought process in the field. “I am mindful now that almost every time that I press the shutter release I am making a series of creative choices in my camera settings and in my framing of the subject that will influence the final image (and that’t not even taking into account all of the decisions involved in post-processing).”

In visiting his blog, you’ll see that he is also beginning his artistic journey and is delving into the world of painting and sketching. One particular post talks about how you have to liberate yourself to experiment and be self-forgiving for any shortcomings that may happen. I remember telling my mother once, that I can only learn from making mistakes, and finding your inner artist involves starts and stops, successes and flat-out bombs.

I’ve had a few people mention that they have a hard time finding time or something to photograph. Photography is like learning how to play the Piano. You have to do the scales in order to be able to play Mozart. Practice, Practice, Practice and it will all fall into place. Even if its you using your smart phone to look at compositional options on a subject. A very easy way to move in a variety of positions, angles and distances to see what works and doesn’t work.

There are a few classes that I offer throughout the year that go in-depth in creating creative compositions and one happens to be coming up in a few weeks at one of my favorite places to spend time at. Morning on the Meadows at Howard County Conservancy is a wonderful place for you to jumpstart your artistic journey. Hopefully you can join me on this beautiful outing.

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