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Dancing Flowers

Along with lightpad floral photography I’ve been doing recently, one thing I’ve been wanting to work on is creating a short series of ‘Dancing Flowers.’ Renowned photographer Kathleen Clemons creates amazing floral captures with her iPhone using a small lens kit from Lensbaby as well as using regular images. The editing is through either Smartphone Apps or Photoshop.

Made for the iPhone this Creative Kit has been so much fun to play with. and I have the phone clips for both the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 7. And this is when it became difficult. Upgrading my iPhone to an iPhoneX took me out of the playing field of using the Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit which is so disappointing. Contacting Lensbaby, I was informed that there are no plans for making an adjustment so that I can use this kit with the iPhoneX. See Compatibility Chart Here.

Well, I am one stubborn or rather persistent little lass so I didn’t let it deter me. I removed my Moment Case which has a screw-on threading system for their lenses. I have their macro lens in my kit so far and like it although I haven’t used it that much. I managed to squeeze on one of the Lensbaby clips onto the top lens of the Iphone X and installed the LM20 lens.

I could see the edges of the lens, so selected the 2X option and voila ! The lens is in action. Here is the image that I began with.

Using my lightpad and light box, I set a complimentary background behind this withering Dahlia. Selected from my garden, I waited for several days to get the right look. I then discovered the various iPhoneX filters available and captured it using the Vivid option. The image above is SOOC or rather Straight Out of My iPhone.

The next stop was to create the twisty, dancing flower effect. There are several smartphone apps that can be used to create this effect and the one of choice this time was Tiny Planets Photos. There are others out there including RollWorld and Circular.

Once I achieved the look I liked, I then saved the image to the Camera Roll and then went into the Formulas App by Samer Azzam. I selected two filters which can be stacked upon each other at reduced opacity to achieve the final result above.

So now the question becomes, how to I figure out a better way to use my Lensbaby lenses on my new iPhone. I’m off to explore possible clips that have a magnet ring as that’s all I need, and perhaps might even send an email to Moment to see if they can create something and of course I’ll suggest to Lensbaby that all they need is a screw mount adapter that would work with Moment’s cases. Ya never know. I was told once – the question is always no if you don’t ask.

Happy Creating!

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  1. I don’t know about the technicalities, but the corolla of those flowers do look like tutus to me, you could always turn those stamens into bodies and arms! 👍

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