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Growing Pains

It’s been over a week since I’ve been out photographing as life got busy and quite complicated. I’ve been working on learning about technology upgrades, new equipment, and trouble shooting the old. A lot of sailor talk has been going on at the Manor, and in particular when my working laptop wanted to crash the hard drive the day before a weekend full of presentations.

Luckily, all has worked out, fixed, and understood so things went better than I had anticipated which is always a good thing. Now that my big presentations are done, I can take a deep breath and at least go back a little and play with an image.

Saturday’s photography class was a concept class about becoming a Digital Artist. Finding your voice and style takes time, lots of practice and countless images. You don’t always need fancy equipment to be creative with your work. Just learning how to be creative in your mind is all you need. But it takes time to still the spirit, especially in this fast moving world that we live in.

I drove home in a wet snow storm and there are some wetlands that I pass by close to home. I keep thinking that I should really stop and get at least one image, and finally I did. Using my iPhone, I took this image with an idea in mind as to what processing I would be doing when got home.

Using Snapseed for overall editing, I then brought the image into Stackables and began selecting effect layers to get this result.

Recently I purchased a photo printer, a Canon Pixma Pro 100 and I have started learning about printing my own images. Inspired to use Fine Art Paper, I just received a sample pack and can’t wait to try it out on the different paper textures that range from Cotton Rag to Bamboo and even Rice Paper.

For the Great Blue Heron, I used the Texture module in the Topaz Studio Suite. Here is the Original Image, and the next one is the second step in the editing process. Finishing the image, I brought it into Photoshop to clone over the Canada Geese that were in the background.

I’m looking forward to spring arriving and to have green once more. Winter has been fun and quite pastel and neutral in tones. I’m ready for some color!

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  1. I think we are all ready for spring now. Even in the south of France, where we’ve been sinice mid December, has been a particularly cold and windy winter, but the birds are now singing their spring songs, blossom is beginning to appear on trees and Peter even saw 3 House Martins when walking the dog this morning! Spring is truly round two corner now! πŸ‘πŸŒžπŸŒΉ

  2. I love winter in specific ways, but my soul longs for the bright greens of spring. Sepia tones like in your image are fitting for winter images. But too right … let the colors begin!! Cheers, Emily.

  3. I’m longing for some color too but I do love the wetlands pic. I feel like I can step right in it. It just touches me deeply.

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