After a Long Wait

The image above is one I’ve been wanting to capture for a long time. Fishing along waterways, Herons of all varieties freeze in motion so that their prey below thinks they’re a tree.

It’s a perfect scenario to set the camera for a slow exposure and blur the water with a motionless bird. Great Blue Herons are known for being rather skittish and tend to squawk and fly off long before you know they are there. Luckily the Great blue herons have returned to Conowingo Dam in full force. Finally accepting the heavy numbers of photographers that line up the fence in Eagle season, they blend into the rocks.

One only knows they are there if and when a fisherman floats up on his boat. They all squawk and fly off to further areas. This one, however likes to be on the rocks near the parking area in the early morning. Frozen in time, I was able to slow down my shutter speed on my 500mm lens. .6 sec, f/29, ISO 250.

I’ve been back to the dam a couple of times to get some captures that I would love to have. Well, it’s still a work in progress. But to be in the presence of so many eagles at one time is always awe inspiring. I’ve yet to have the photo opportunity that I hope for, but still have some great action shots that fall into the “Content vs. Quality” category. Here you go!

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