In Search of the Sunrise

With Hurricane Irma moving northwards, the potential for a colorful sunrise improves. The Skyfire predictor with The Photographer’s Epherimis app showed deep reds in the Maryland area, so of course that means a wake up call at o-dark-thirty to get to a sunrise vantage point.

This time I decided to go the easy route and head to Sandy Point Park and enjoy the beach and view over the Chesapeake Bay. Each time I’ve gone, I’ve used the Sandy Point Lighthouse as my focal point and generally used either the 100-400mm lens or even my 500mm lens to get nice and tight with the waterscape.

This time I decided to use my landscape lens of 24-105mm focal range and see what I can do. There is a set of trees that I’ve always thought were interesting and began working some compositions with them. After a few tries, I came up with a few that I was happy with.

It wasn’t long before the light began to change and I went with a wider composition which is the image at the beginning of this post. I slowed down the shutter speed by selecting f/22, ISO 100 and adding the NiSi Filter mount kit with circular polarizer and a Singh Ray Grad ND filter.

Once the sun began to rise I began playing with the waves to see what I could do with slow exposures. Lots of clicks, waiting for the right wave pattern. Many were tossed.

It was great being able to play on the beach this morning. I was mindful of all the Florida beaches that have felt the wrath of Hurricane Irma. It’s still a little early to know the extent of the damage, but overall I think Florida fared better than was expected.

Have a wonderful week!

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