May Day in Annapolis

A time-honored tradition in Annapolis since 1965 is the celebration of May Day. Sponsored by the Garden Club of Annapolis, May Day is the day of beautiful flower baskets throughout the historic town.

Both residents and business alike join in for the celebration of spring and each year the creative expressions are inspiring. When walking the historic streets over 100 baskets are on display and only on May 1st of each year.

The Garden Club awards winners with a lovely afternoon tea at the home of one of their members.

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  1. I did some street photography today. I appreciate that the electronic view finder of the Olympus system shows me the effect of color balance and exposure compensation prior to taking the shot.

  2. So beautiful and entertaining! I had the pleasure of visiting Annapolis not long ago and can just imagine the baskets on the pretty homes there. When I was in grade school eons ago, our class delivered May baskets in the neighborhood of the school. I’ve always remembered how exciting that was for me as a six or seven year old.

    • How wonderful Susan, you were in my neck of the woods. Christmas is also a grand time for a visit as many decorate their doors with beautiful wreaths.

      May Day is indeed a special but frequently forgotten holiday.

  3. What a wonderful idea and aren’t they all lovely! It would be very hard to choose a winner, but I LOVE those jeans just for sheer originality! Bravo!

    • I have so many Fatima ! They were all beautiful and many with antique type flowers which we didn’t recognize. The jeans were awesome as was the Alice in Wonderland table at the Book store.

  4. What a wonderful tradition. I like them all, but most especially, the watering can arrangement because of the cheerful color combination. Annapolis is such a beautiful, historic city…a combination that can’t be beat!

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