A Birdy Landscape

There are times when out looking for birds to photograph they can be elusive. Far away and part of the landscape, the ability to capture a beautiful bird image just isn’t possible.

It is a time to switch the thinking process and consider the scene as a landscape image with the birds as an element in the scene.

The birds were uncooperative this past Saturday morning when I was out with the Anne Arundel Bird Club for a bird photography workshop. So it was time to change perspectives.

I saw two opportunities that would lend themselves well to a birdy landscape and I encouraged the participants to see the scene in a different way.

Bringing the images home, I did some minor exposure and contrast adjustments in Lightroom before bringing them into Topaz Impressions for a subtle painterly effect.

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  1. Great and Excellent Work. As an Photographer i can understand how much efforts and patience are needed to capture wildlife moments. I started Photography to inspire others to have a look at beautiful nature and now i am trying to share my work with photographers at so that they could learn. Have a look on my work and let me know how is it

    • That is a really interesting forum you’re using Nitin. Hadn’t looked at Behance before. How is the traffic flow there? I like your page and your blog posts are well done. Thank you for reaching out and sharing.

    • And that is a lifetime of discovery my dear Terri. I’m still learning too. But editing as much as I do really makes a difference. My editing and how I view the images are so much better than they used to me. Good luck.

  2. Excellent Work and Great Efforts. As an photographer i can understand how important is to make your pictures creative specially when it comes to capturing wildlife moments. It really need extra efforts and Patience. Even when i started photography, i faced difficulties in capturing wildlife pictures and then i started writing tips for others so that they could improve themselves. Have a look at my work at and also let me know how is it. I would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance

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