Blood Orange Sunrise


In the winter months, sunrises tend to be muted and if you’re lucky some pastel colors might shine through. I keep hoping for a stunningly colorful sunrise, but they have been elusive for some time now.

Trying to predict a colorful sunrise or sunset proves to be challenging, even for the best weather forecaster. The right humidity level, the right cloud cover, atmospheric pressures, etc can determine what they might be like. But a fine science it isn’t, or at least it isn’t for me.

I’ve learned about different cloud covers and look for storms as many times the skies are brilliantly colored after a storm. Another aid in my tool kit is the Skyfire feature offered with The Photographer’s Epherimis app on my iPhone 6. Available with a subscription fee.

Skyfire predicts two and half days out with their best guess as to whether or not the sunrise or sunset might offer color for the photographer. I’ve been using it nearly daily now to see just how accurate the app might be, and finding it a bit of a hit or miss.

For example, yesterday morning it showed that this morning would be brilliantly colored. But checking later on in the day and at dawn, it showed that it would be lackluster instead.

Sorry Skyfire..the sunrise was blood orange today….


It won’t stop me from using the app though as perhaps it might at least narrow down the really bad days. This way I can sleep in on those cloudy days instead of wondering what I might be missing.

These images are “SOO” or known as Straight out of Camera. I had set Shade white balance to help really boost the color and used a slow shutter speed to help smooth out the water and clouds a little.

I supposed it’s just one of those things about should always remain a mystery.


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  1. Wonderful photos! And for a novice photographer it’s so helpful to read your tips on how you go about achieving such great shots. Thank you.

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