An Orchid Day at Longwood Gardens


To bring some color to the dreary days of winter Longwood Gardens offers an Orchid Extravaganza. Each year the gardens bring out thousands of orchids and place them in impressive displays throughout the conservatory, visitor center and Pierce du Pont house.

Every week, waning orchids are removed and replaced with freshly opened orchids keeping the extravaganza bright.

The displays allowed me to play with all of the macro tricks in my bag. From using an UV filter pair with Vaseline on the edges for softening, to using tulle to creating an ethereal look.

Then came out the Lensbaby Deluxe Creative Mobile lens kitfor my iPhone 6 which includes three different lenses.

But the fun was still to continue. Add a few smart phone apps like Bluristic and Brushstroke and the art continued.

Sometimes being creative doesn’t take much but just a little imagination. Something simple can go a long way in expressing the beauty in nature. Each blossom a miraculous gift and magical with its shapes and colors.

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  1. Beautiful orchid images, Emily. I would love to visit Longwood Gardens. As I have probably mentioned, when I was young, and still living at home with my parents, we made regular trips from our little town in southeastern PA to Philadelphia. Each time we would drive right past the entrance to Longwood Gardens. A beautiful place!

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