Chasing the Sun


I chased the sun as best as I could. The beach holiday was sultry. The air heavy with humidity, but that wasn’t all the air was filled with. It was filled with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes as big as hummingbirds. They were relentless, they were busy all day long from before sunrise to after sunset. They mobbed me in clouds causing me to frequently curse and run away.

Mind you, I grew up in Florida and know mosquitoes. But goodness! Florida has nothing on Fripp and Hunting Islands in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

So I piled on the bug spray – you could smell me a mile away. But it still wasn’t enough. Long pants, long sleeve shirt in the hot, sultry days. I felt as if I was in the tropics.

But it didn’t stop me trying to find a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The lifestyles of a nature and wildlife photographer. Up before dawn, nap in the middle of the day and back out in the evenings. And to hope…hope that all aligns together and magic might happen.


I found a beautiful spot along the marsh, lovely boardwalk to enjoy. But the clouds and the sun just didn’t want to cooperate. Sigh..go back home and await for another day. And then good fortune was upon me and the next day the sun and clouds cooperated and left with a glowing embrace.


These were captured with a Canon 5D Mark III, 24-105mm lens with NiSi filter system including polarizer, and Singh Ray Graduated Neutral Density Filter. Minor Lightroom edits before moving to Nik Color Efex Pro for filter additions.

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  1. There is a n island in Bass Strait that harbours these huge mosquitos. I reckon they are as big as people and work in pairs: one to hold you down, the other to sting you!

  2. Simply spectacular! I’m glad you survived those wretched mosquitoes. It does remind me of my battle in the motothome in the middle of the night in La Camargue. Oh boy! I don’t want to go through that ever again!

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