A Friend’s Filter

I have a little Sony RX 100 II as my walkabout point-and-shoot camera. I love this small camera as it takes wonderful 20.2 mp images, including video and panorama.

It took wonderful images when I was in Galapagos last year and is a companion when I hit the trails in Maryland.

Recently, I lent the camera to a friend to use for a few weeks. Just getting it back before heading to my short visit to Chincoteague, Virginia I just made sure the battery was charged.

I usually stop before getting out of my car and check all of my camera settings to make sure they’re set for what I’ll be shooting. Didn’t think to do it with the Sony until later in the day.

I then happened to notice that one of the in-camera 32 filters had been chosen by my friend. After seeing these captures, I absolutely love it and did very little in Lightroom for color adjustment.

Friends are wonderful in helping you to see the world differently.

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  1. Such a cool thought. I’m always amazed at the little extras that those filters and effects can sometimes bring. Just don’t explore them enough, as sometimes just get set in to ‘getting’ the best from my shots.

    Also like to play with some of the filter effects that are now available for ipad/phone apps, wish I had more time.

    The light on these landscapes really brings us into the moment.

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