Sandwich Tern


The Sandwich Tern can be found along the southeastern coast of the United States, Brazil and in the Caribbean. A rather unusual tern with its bill heralding a yellow tip.


This was the first time I had set eyes on one. Laying on the sand at St. Augustine Beach, Florida, there were several Sandwich terns inside a mixed flock with gulls, Black skimmers and least terns.

Like the Royal tern, the Sandwich terns have elegance in their grooming.


This little fellow had some bling on his right ankle. A silver metal tag, that alas was unreadable from my images. These tags help naturalists learn about the behaviors and locations of many species of birds throughout the world.

It was wonderful to see them on St. Augustine Beach, but it is a rather busy beach with many dogs and bicycles. While they had been relaxed in my presence, they kept an ever vigilant eye to others that may wander too close.


These terns allowed me to enter their world and spend some time with them, up close and personal.

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