All about Hoofbeats & Footprints

Canvas Prints Now Available


Easy Canvas Prints have been offering great discounts this past week.

All of my images are available for purchase and canvas is a great medium to showcase an image.

Contact me and let’s get a canvas print put together for either yourself or as a gift.


All images on this blog are available for purchase and may not be included on the smugmug website.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I’ve gotten canvasses done for some of my photos. It is a great way to showcase photos. Great suggestion!

      • Oh! Please do! !
        I have seen the option to print on wood. .. I’ve not had a photo I thought would work yet, but I’m still looking.
        Maybe you could post a photo of the wood photo of your photo on wood? Whew, that was a tongue twister!

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