The Gulls of Sandy Point Park


The Chesapeake Bay has had some difficult weather this past week, and in tough times, the gulls of the bay rest along the beach of Sandy Point Park.

Not just a few gulls, but thousands of gulls. It’s a mesmerizing sight to see so many birds at one place. Laughing gulls, Great Black Back gulls, Herring gulls, Ring billed gulls. They’re all there in force. Once in awhile a rare bird may show up in the mix, attracting a wayward birder to come and scan the huge flock in hopes of a treasure.


The Laughing gulls caught my attention as they were full of personality. Young ones dominated the flock, playing with random things on the beach like a feather.


They’d fly by now and again in search of a different view, or if a beach walker seemed to threaten their path.


It’s been a while since I”ve had a chance to get out and bird, and spending time on the beach with so many wonderful subjects made my day. Taking home over 600 captures, some of the highlights will be shared the next few days.

It was good to see that I still had my mojo.

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