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A bit of housekeeping

It’s been a busy week for me as I’ve been working on some ‘housekeeping’ that needed be done.

First, if you would be so kind today, and please


There are only a few more days for the contest and as it is the first contest that I’ve entered, it would mean the world to me to be included in their fundraising 2016 calendar.

Next up, with the guidance of several local photographers, I’ve created a photography logo. Here is the final result of my efforts, drum rolls please…


Now that an official logo is in the portfolio, it was long overdue for an update for my photography sale website at SMUGMUG.

After downloading each image that I had uploaded to their website on a backup hard drive. I went and – gasp – deleted them all off of the smugmug site. I then deleted all the folders and galleries as it was literally a mess.

Think of it like folders on your PC or MAC. There is a master folder, then folders within and inside each folder are the pictures. The Smugmug folder system is designed the same way.

So I first sat and thought about the subjects that I wanted to present on the webpage and created a hierarchy. Then returning back to smugmug, I created new master folders, folders within and then galleries.

Now comes the painstaking work to upload images into the new galleries. This time with a critical eye so that only my best work is showcased.

This exercise has truly been enlightening. I’m able to see the progression of my photography skill and see a significant difference in just the past two years. Let alone from the beginning of this DSLR journey.

So here it is. Please let me know what you think about my new Smugmug page. I’ve got a lot more uploading to do, but there’s enough there to get you started.

Thank each and everyone of you for all of your support and don’t forget to vote !!

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  1. I voted, I HEART the Logo and love your Smugmug portfolio πŸ™‚ I will have to check out Smugmug a little bit for my photos – cool concept. Happy Day – Enjoy!!!

    • At first smugmug was a little challenging to figure out, but once I did it was much easier. The options are endless.

      I do have the pro subscription that I can’t remember exactly how much it cost. Somewhere between $100-200 yearly.

      They updated the shopping cart for customers which is so much easier than what it was earlier.

      Thanks on the feedback, it really helps. Happy day to you too.

      • Thanks for the information. I have so many photos and massive archiving to do one of these days for my photos as well as for family photos that I have not gotten around to either.

        • For the family pics, you can always try Flickr and have privacy settings placed so only family members see the albums. It’s 1 TB free upload. Then under $100 per year for unlimited uploads. I love it !!

  2. OK. I’ve been voting for the Tundra Swans and the Cattle Egret….but I must confess, I have also voted for the Cedar Waxwings and the Grosbeak and the Wood Duck (even if it is not Hugh’s). I like your Smugmug page although this is the first time I visited.

    • Thank you so much Joannie, I can’t really thank you enough. Hey, you can vote for anyone you please. Even it if isn’t Hugh’s wood duck. The Grosbeak is truly beautiful too.

      And thanks for the smugmug page thumbs up. That really helps!

  3. My gosh Emily, it all looks FABULOUS – I can’t begin to imagine how much time you’ve spent on all this house-keeping to get everything up to this point – amazing. Kudos to you! πŸ™‚

  4. The logo is fantastic, Emily, and I can’t believe it was so easy to create it. Amazing. Your SmugMug site is very well thought out and very professional. I have a SmugMug site also. It is a great company, family owned, and cares for their customers. I have voted for your swans. Can I vote again?

    • Me neither Carolyn. I’ve been wanting a decent logo but most of the websites are so generic. This one gave me enough creative flexibility to make mine unique.

      Yes ! Please vote again today. Last day and it looks like I’ve lost out. Every vote counts.

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