Making a Splash


“The Oriole’s Secret”

To hear an oriole sing
May be a common thing,
Or only a divine.
It is not of the bird
Who sings the same, unheard,
As unto crowd.
The fashion of the ear
Attireth that it hear
In dun or fair.
So whether it be rune,
Or whether it be none,
Is of within;
The “tune is in the tree,”
The sceptic showeth me;
“No, sir! In thee!”

Emily Dickinson


On a warm summer afternoon a Baltimore Oriole came and dipped in the manor’s bird bath. A truly rare sight to see. Splishing and splashing. Dunk and drain, dunk and drain again. The oriole repeatedly went in and out of the bath enjoying with great delight.

An interesting note, when the oriole was dipping in the water, a secondary eyelid called a nictitating membrane is used to protect the eye.


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