Harbingers of Spring

In spite of the single digit temperatures and strong winds with gusts upwards to 60 miles per hour, the harbingers of spring came for a visit.


A nice sized flock of American Robins came to rob my holly tree of all its berries. While flying in and out and ducking the winds, the robins filled their bellies.


In between courses, they took a break at the local hot tub.


I looked at them with great disbelief that they should show up on most likely the coldest day of the year. Surprisingly though, they seemed comfortable enough and enjoying the berry buffet set before them.

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  1. They are such iconic beauties, you’ve done them justice catching them in the light. They sure look warmer than I’d think they were! Nice job capturing the white edges around their breast feathers. I believed for a long time that Robins ALWAYS (ALL of them) left before winter and that seeing them meant spring would be here soon. But for years now I’ve seen a few here and there during the winter. Although now that you’ve got me thinking about this I haven’t seen any in quite some time.

    This post has me dreaming… πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes ! Let’s dream of spring together ! This next week will still be below freezing temperatures for us. Not too many outside outings planned as a result. Although, frozen waterfalls may be fun.

      Thank you so much for your kind words LP.

      • Dreaming…funny though because when it’s too hot inside in the winter it feels claustrophobic. πŸ˜‰

        We’ve got a good week plus of really cold temps. Here’s to making it through it!

  2. What adorable birds! Hope you’re keeping warm! I am in north west Spain visiting family at the moment, but it feels colder than in England because of the wind and rain!!! Warm hugs to you.

    • Sorry, Emily! I am on my niece’s laptop and I’ve just realized that I have commented on her account. I don’t understand it, as I clicked on the link to your blog that I got with the notification on my email. I swear this modern technology gets the better of me sometimes…ooooops!

      • Bienvenidos Susana, y con mucho gusto de conocerle. Que ciudad es en Espana? Hope your Spanish is good. πŸ™‚ Believe me, technology gets me every time also. Thank you so much for your comment. It’s been bitter cold here with snow tonight.

        • That was me, Emily. I was using my niece’s laptop and, although your blog notification came on my email, when I wrote my comment, I didn’t realize it published as her comment (Susana). I’ve just come back from La CoruΓ±a in north west Spain. I will be writing a blog about it maybe tomorrow or at the weekend and you’ll be able to meet my family. Sorry about the cock-up!

          Fantastic pictures as always!

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