Black Swans of Love


Never was there so much grace,
Gently gliding along the water.
Two that are one in harmony.
With a delicate dip of an elegant neck
A true expression of the heart’s content.

Wishing you a love filled weekend with your valentine.


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  1. Ohhhhh you got me with this one, man do you have some excellent timing. Black Swans took my breath the first time I saw a picture of them when I was little. I think they are some of the most beautiful birds, so elegant. I love that you got them posed like a heart and the poem is so fitting. 😀 Yeah! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Isn’t that incredible how they do this? I’ve never seen black swans before or after me finding this pair in Florida. I miss them and hope they found a great permanent home. And the poem rocks !! Love how I get inspired by images to find prose to complement them.

      • You certainly do a good job following that inspiration, I think the images are proud of you. 😉 He he he…

        Their was a restaurant in Michigan I visited once called the Black Swan and there were a couple in the pond they had near the restaurant. The only other time I saw them was at a resort, so I haven’t got to see them much either. All the better to see pics of them. 😉

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