A Bird’s Paradise

The autumn air has brought in a flurry of activity along the garden. It seems that all of the birds discovered the manor as a bird eden and were flitting and fluttering all about. Spending nearly three hours stalking shrubbery, the best was enjoying Ruby Crowned Kinglets chasing gnats literally above my head, and way too close for the big lens.

It was magical being so close to such energetic little birds with not a care in the world except where the next gnat can be caught. The Kinglets were also joined by many Goldfinches and Pine Siskins. The Siskins aren’t usually here for winter, but luckily they have returned. Being a harbinger of a cold winter to come.


The nuthatch was busy filling his belly with the variety of seed offered. Seems he sampled from nearly every feeder available.

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And even a rarely seen White Crowned Sparrow showed up for the party.


But the best news is that Bunny is back! I hadn’t seen him since the foxes made their appearance in the garden. I had hoped that he hadn’t turned into Bugs Bunny Hasenpfeffer.


For a day that wasn’t a birding day, it sure turned out to be a super bird day. Sometimes opportunity knocks when you least expect it.

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  1. Emily, that last sentence says it all. I have had the same experiences the last couple of times I went out. Both times I had given up on seeing much, then Pow! there it is. Like a bobcat that appeared yesterday. I love all of your photos. The Ruby-crowned Kinglets are one of my favorite ‘little’ birds. 🙂

  2. Yeah for little brown birds! I haven’t kept up with my feeders or my birdwatching this season in the way I had hoped in spring, oh the shame (says I dropping chin to chest and sobbing ;)). That said I got some white-crowns in the spring, I was so excited. Please don’t say that about this winter, really don’t want to hear it…

    I bet it was fun watching them chase gnats, I wish I was as good as them. Haven’t seen any Pine Siskins around here or Kinglets but the Chickadees have been pretty active and I’m loving it. These are cute pics all around, very glad for your bunny. Mine stays away cuz my dog…and I’m not too sad…he he he

    • Well, the bunny is only here because my killer cat is no longer with me. (now I can sob..) I tell you, feeding birds can be an expensive hobby! I have so many feeders with different feed I swear they eat better than I do.

      Yep, gnat chasing is quite a busy task and I did get to see the Pineys again today. Wish they were daily visitors though. Let’s hope for a milder winter too.

      • Of course at the time that you wrote the above reply we here in the Midwest had no idea we’d have several inches of snow on the ground and counting by mid November. I’m going to remain stubborn and imaginative in my thoughts and hopes that this is not the real deal yet.

        You’re so right that it’s expensive! I wish it weren’t, I’d love to spoil them more!

        I remember you sharing about your cat and my heart still goes out to you. That’s hard for sure. 😦

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