2014 Annapolis Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

The official day for the 2014 Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk was on Saturday. Alas, Annapolis was rained out for the day and we made today the rain date. Eighteen photographers showed up on the waterfront and we had a wonderful walkabout in downtown Annapolis.

It was a wonderful group and having the chance to meet fellow photographers was worth the effort. This is a free world wide event that had 1052 walks, and over 20,000 photographers participating overall. It was a beautiful day and I look forward to leading once again in 2015.

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  1. What an event, sounds great. Nice photos, I don’t know Annapolis but your pictures have painted a nice picture for me. It does look historical and relaxed. The shot by the water is very nice as is the sidewalk. Good choices.

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