Passumpsic Trains

Along a windy country road in beautiful Vermont, an unexpected surprise appeared around the bend. The Passumpsic Railroad company is a family owned business, where train collecting is taken to a new level. It appears that Granddad loves trains, and has a wonderful collection of real antique train cars and a steam engine locomotive known as a 0-4-4-0. They have an operating train engine and offer holiday rides for everyone.

While I was busy checking out the trains, seems a little miniature stallion was checking me out. I finally noticed him and went over to say hello. He enthusiastically neighed back.

It just shows you that you never know what you may find around the corner.

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  1. LOVE the stallion moment. And you are SO right. We just never ever know what’s around the corner… SO glad we have our cameras to share those around-the-corner moments, Emily… aren’t you? 🙂

    • Indeed, although you’ve been much better about getting out lately and shooting, while I haven’t been. Between Jury duty and a dressage clinic I’ve been busy. But starting early in the morning for hopefully some tall ships under sail.

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