More Miss Then Hits

I’ve been out shooting lightly the last few days. But getting more misses than hits. Tried to get the cat stalking some ducks, but that didn’t work out so well.mm30jul13-7270


The a Great Blue Heron caught my eye, but he was too far away.


I also have been trying to get the perfect shot of an American Goldfinch dining on the Black Eyed Susans. But each time I go out when their eating, they fly away and don’t return regardless of how long I wait.


Then there was the pair of Ospreys dining together on their individual pilings. Each with a freshly caught fish. When I started to get close enough to get a decent image, they flew off.


Seems I may need to give the camera a break for a few days. Perhaps my mojo will then return.

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  1. Exactly what Quietsolopursuit’s said. .. You’re pole-vaulting! However, I also understand personal pickiness and will cut you some slack.
    I think you can do a mojo dance to get it back. .. šŸ’ƒ Ha!

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