Riding in the Snow

Have to admit, that after completing my recent Project 365, I’ve been having this feeling everyday that I’m supposed to be taking a picture. Seems a year of taking a daily capture is now ย ingrained into my spirit and I seem a bit lost knowing that I don’t have to take a daily photo.

A later start got me to the barn in the chilly 25 degree weather. At least it was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. All was quiet, and the horses were out in their snow filled pastures. Tacking up Remy, we went out on a trail ride in the woods. All was quiet and serene. No human footprints or horse hoof beats were imprinted on the snowy trails.

There was quite a bit of wild animals tracks that showed a lot of activity. I had no idea what they could be. Was it deer, rabbit, raccoon, fox? One set of tracks were quite light and intrigued me even more.

My iPhone quickly succumbed to the cold and I was only able to capture this one horse-back view.


Remy has become accustomed to getting cookies while out. Remember those automated horses in front of K-Mart? Put a quarter in, and you get to ride? When it decides to stop, only another quarter will get it going again.

Well, it seems that Remy has learned that trick. She’ll stop in her tracks, turn her head all the way around to me leg. It’s as if she is saying “Quarter (cookie) please” Or else this ride won’t keep going. She has me well trained by now, and I always remember to have a pocket full of cookies. Works every time.

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    • Did I not tell you? She has/had LYME’S disease. What a total surprise. One month of antibiotics 2x a day and she’s back to her wild banshee self. Need to buy some of those hot hand warmers for my phone. My hands are just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m actually in ATLANTA right now (working + personal) โ€” and they’re expecting SNOW!! These 2″ are gonna shut down the city, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahahah!!! Already, 3000 flights have been cancelled in and out of the Atlanta airport โ€” and nary a flake. Yet… I’ll take this over your bitter cold ANY day! Whooo boy.

        • That’s the GOOD thing of working remotely… I can watch the lovely flakes from inside!

          But the cold is so bitter. WOW. I have such empathy for y’all in the north these days. Hang in there, baby!!

  1. Very cool pic from life on horseback. Reminds me of my dog; she’ll alert me to her needs to go outside, I’ll let her out, let her back in, give her a treat. An hour later she’s gotta go again, but this time I watch. Don’t you know it she walks off the porch, goes 10ft or so, and without doing any deeds she’s back to the door!

    Tricky! And yes, I used to love those little horses, now they keep them inside. They make me want to give every kid a penny.

    I can see how a 365 can become ingrained!


      • Ha, your cat does it too! She’s not the first dog I’ve had or known to do this either. It’s an awesome trick really because it wouldn’t be fair not to let them out right?

        I think she’s not doing it today because the snow’s as deep as she is tall! If your snow is anything like ours then your cat is in trouble!

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