Clicking on the orchid image above will link you to my SmugMug Orchid Portfolio.

I hope you enjoy these orchid photos. I apologize for the watermark in the center, but it is to protect them from little thieves. If someone purchases a print, the watermark is removed. I’m also having challenges with formatting this page which was posted through Smugmug.

Had great fun learning new processing techniques this week. Let me know what you think. At this rate, we’ll all be super techies!

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    • You’d be amazed. Every time someone looks at one of your images more closes (click throughs on stats) they most likely are saving the image on their hard drive. I’ve frequently found my images on Pinterest which I didn’t approve. AND, someone had copied them from my smugmug sight.

  1. What a stunning collection Emily! I’ve been dabbling with flower shots and I have found them extremely challenging especially the hot pink and reds. I now look at flower photography with a totally new level of admiration and yours are magnificent! Sharon

    • It is so true Sharon. Yellows, Reds and hot pinks always blow out and just get too hot with the image. I took a two-day class at the National Botanical Gardens with a super nature and photo photographer. I learned quite a bit. A bit tip was to soften the images of the flowers. With my new acquisition of Nik color pro 4, it’s easy as pie now to transform these. 🙂

  2. Beautiful…it is SO hard to photograph flowers (my daughter is a florist and I take pics of her flowers for magazines, brochures etc) so I know how hard it is to get right…but you have managed it perfectly!

    • Thank you so much ! I agree, flowers are really tough and thanks to a two-day workshop last summer, I am starting to get it. Also the Nik Color Efex made editing really easy once I worked out the formula for this series.

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