Sail Around the World on the Pangaea

This is the most amazing journey I’ve ever seen. Travel with Jacek around the world on the Pangaea Sailing Vessel from the past four years.

Jacek Proniewicz travel blog

is Ancient Greek for “entire Earth”.Is the name given to the last ,
global supercontinent ,which existed 250 million years ago.

20121128-115321.jpgThe PANGAEA project,which envisages sailing around world in
4 years ,is the brainchild of Mike Horn- researcher ,extreme adventurer,idealist,visionary-a man who is renowned for his daring
expeditions.Based on the central theme “explore,learn,act”,he initiates social and environmental project around globe together with young explorers from all over the world.During the expedition ,the young explorers get to know our planet’s ecosystem and play an active part in helping to preserve our natural world.They become ambassadors ,taking the idea of environmental protection back to their homelands,
where they then initiate their own projects.


20121128-115450.jpgLike the expedition itself ,Mike Horn’s vessel PANGAEA,is also named after the last of global supercontinent .Measuring 35 meters
in length it is one of the world’s largest and most versatile expedition
sailboat .Even when the boat was…

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  1. I don’t want to set off a debate, but sometimes these high profile adventures miff me. I believe that environmentalism, like charity, should begin at home. The modern evironmental movement seems to be about big answers to little problems, by that, I mean if all of us as individuals did what we should to protect our local environment, there would be no need for big answers. Sailing the world and raising awareness may be fun, but it really accomplishes very little.

  2. Appreciate the comments. You may want to consider looking at the Pangaea and it’s objective on its worldwide journey. That is precisely what it was about and provided learning opportunities for young adults about environmentalism. All of the little pieces equals a big whole in caring more about the world around us. We live in a global community.

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