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New Day, New Year, New Efforts for a New You

January 1st of the New Year…the dreaded day for all of us who dream of a healthier and more fit lifestyle. So many new year resolutions are to either lose weight or get fit. Today we get a double whammy because not only is it the 1st of the New Year, it is also Sunday !

I don’t know about you, but Sundays for me are a day for rest. But today is the day that I’m supposed to start my fitness program for the Inca Trail, so no excuses. I must admit though that I dragged my feet throughout the day and took the time to rest, relax and think about what I was supposed to be doing.

One key for success in starting a fitness routine is to set a specific time during the day that works for you. For me, 7:00pm in the evening works best. Since it’s just after dinner I’m up from my chair to clean the kitchen, and in a way, the muscles are warmed up a bit from the movement. Also, all the best TV shows start at 8:00pm, so it’s a great hour that usually wasted doing the mundane.

The next key for success in starting a fitness routine is to plan ahead prior to starting your program. Establish the where, when and how. I’m fortunate and am able to dedicate an area in my house for training. I have a TV with DVD, a yoga mat, some free weights, a step, an exercise ball, a Bosu, and an elastic strap. With these tools, a bicycle, the great outdoors and some creativity, lots of exercises and workouts can be designed at home.

If you’re lucky enough, a membership to a fitness club is also great, but make sure it’s very convenient to where you live or work. It should be along your usual route and not in a different area of where you usually travel. This will help you fit it better into your busy schedule.

So enough of one for me to get ready for the Inca Trail was an hour session of Yoga, with 15 minutes warmup on a bike.

Looking for some tools for your workouts? See if there is a Play-it-Again Sports near you, or Walmart has great stuff also for cheap.

What is a Bosu ? A great tool for balance work – check it out !

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