Random Acts of Kindness

One thing that I’ve learned in the world of being an Equestrian, is that nothing happens quickly. There are so many wonderful personal attributes that can be developed while learning to work with a horse.

First and foremost, patience and kindness is the core of all interactions, whether it be human, animal, or from the natural world. Patience allows you to take the time to allow others to be who they are. Patience provides you time to slow down and assess your situation, and surroundings. Patience allows you to be able to nurture relationships so that they blossom into something beautiful.

But where would patience be, if there isn’t a kind intent behind it. It is this kindness that provides the environment for others around you to expand and explore their own selves. Both of these allow for growth, both within yourself, but also with the ones you’re interacting with.

When I was in my early 30’s, I was working on my college degree (yes…the 17 year program) and I took a very unique class. It was a class of self awareness and career development. One of the exercises I was asked to do was to give a gift to someone that I knew, completely anonymously. At no point in time was I to ever let the person, nor anyone else know that the gift was from me. This was something that was to be completely altruistic.

The results of this exercise was rather astounding.  Usually the feeling that you get when you give a gift, is from the person giving you a pat on the back. Instead, you have this internal sense of joy that you made someone’s day special without having to take actual credit for it.

You should try it, give a gift to someone without letting anyone know who it came from. Give the gift completely selflessly, and see how you feel. Check out this website, it might give you some ideas.


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