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Moray an Inca Farmer’s Paradise

High up in the Andes Mountains, near the village of Maras and the unique Salineras is a strange and seemingly out-of-this-world circular terraces known as Moray. Built by the Incas over 500 years ago, there are several concentric circular terraces dug deep into the earth. Looking at the […]

Huayna Picchu My Nemesis

There are times in our lives when personal challenges present themselves. Crossing our paths they test our ability to find the courage and strength to overcome our fears and achieve personal greatness. Huayna Picchu Mountain, a towering verdant and stone mountain stands at Machu Picchu. Taunting me through […]

Green Terraces and Stone Walls

Machu Picchu We all dream of verdant terraces and granite reminders of Incas past.      Visiting Machu Picchu is nearly on everyone’s Bucket-List. Having had the good fortune to have visited Machu Picchu twice in the past few years, one can only imagine the number of photos […]

Sliding Down Sacsayhuaman

High among the hills that overlook Cusco, Peru lies an ancient fortress named Sacsayhuaman. Commonly known to international visitors as “Sexy Woman”, this fortress was built in the early 1500’s by thousands of men within 60-years time. These ancient monoliths built in a lightening bolt pattern brings nothing […]