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It’s been a while since I’ve brought you a post on one of my hiking excursions. I must confess, in the excessive heat of mid-summer, I wimped out and took a break from hiking. I started to really miss it though. Spending hours on the trail, breaking a […]


There is nothing like going from one hot state to another in mid-August. Leaving the heat of Maryland, I was hoping for cooler temperatures for my quick visit to Florida. Completely not taking into account the higher humidity that Florida is known for, I walked off the airplane […]

Huayna Picchu My Nemesis

There are times in our lives when personal challenges present themselves. Crossing our paths they test our ability to find the courage and strength to overcome our fears and achieve personal greatness. Huayna Picchu Mountain, a towering verdant and stone mountain stands at Machu Picchu. Taunting me through […]

Walk Like an Incan

Just a few days remain before I head on a jet plane south to Peru and the Andes Mountains. In reality, I’ve been training to hike the Inca Trail since January, 2009. Since that time I’ve participated in many hikes with the Mountain Club of Maryland that ranged […]