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Meeting of the Minds

Somehow these two bulls in the Andes Mountains in Peru remind me of our government representatives. With the fiscal cliff impending, it’s like two bulls in a Mexican standoff, hoping the other will back off. Here’s hoping a meeting of minds will occur.

Green Terraces and Stone Walls

Machu Picchu We all dream of verdant terraces and granite reminders of Incas past.      Visiting Machu Picchu is nearly on everyone’s Bucket-List. Having had the good fortune to have visited Machu Picchu twice in the past few years, one can only imagine the number of photos […]

Llamas, Alpacas and Vicunas – OH MY !

There is nothing more that represents the Andes mountains than Llamas. Found in high altitudes, these animals are a large part of the social and economic structure throughout the region. Related to the camel, these animals are vital for survival as they provide warmth with their wool, food […]

Walk Like an Incan

Just a few days remain before I head on a jet plane south to Peru and the Andes Mountains. In reality, I’ve been training to hike the Inca Trail since January, 2009. Since that time I’ve participated in many hikes with the Mountain Club of Maryland that ranged […]