Tag: adventure

Project 365/194 – Dusk to Dawn

Last night was the first time I attempted a long exposure capture of the bay. Although the sky was clear, the water moved beautifully. Stacking both a .6 and .3 ND filters, thanks to Mabry CampbellĀ who has mastered the art of Long Exposure captures, here is my best […]

Project 365/187 – Green & Red

Rushes raising elegantly from the cool waters covered by water lilies. Reaching towards the sky in search of light. Water lilies wait for middle summer to show their hidden treasures below. With tiny tadpoles that grow into a brilliantly green Southern Leopard Frogs. Sitting on the muddy banks […]

Project 365/182 – All Wet

Well, it’s yet again another rainy day. Regardless of the rain, it didn’t stop a friend and me from getting out to the Patuxent Research Refuge to try to find some birds. Dodging rain cells, we hoped to find some bright red birds. Alas, even though we had […]