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Emily Carter

Emily Carter
Nature as Art Photography Tours
As an award winning and published photographer, Emily Carter has extensive photography teaching experience in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Through her work “Nature as Art” she encourages her clients to grow as a digital artist by aiding them in visualizing images that are creative and unique.
Nature as Art Photography Tours celebrate the Wonders of Nature by connecting people with nature and sparking compassion, curiosity and inspiring people to care for our planet. These tours provide clients with real-world opportunities to make memorable connections with nature and wildlife, while learning about conservation.

Hoofbeats on My Heart

Truly, it is all Breyer Horses’ fault. If I didn’t have such a fantastic collection when I was a child, I never would have had a horse obsession. My whole childhood was about horses. What do you want for your birthday? A horse… What do you want for […]

Starting My Blog

In creating this blog, I remember dearly my friend, Carol Doughty, who was raised in Florida, but ended up with the love of her life in Sweden. She wrote a wonderful blog about her life, and the experiences she enjoyed with her family and friends. Very sadly, Carol […]